Festival Opening and Reception

October 2, 2012

All movies are subtitled in English and start at 6:00 PM

October 2


Of Love and Other Demons (2009)


Directed by Hilda Hidalgo

Based on Gabriel García Márquez's novel, this is the unsettling story of 13-year-old noble Sierva and the dog bite that changes her life forever. Abandoned, displaced, in the midst of a sexual awakening and finally exorcised, Sierva finds an unlikely ally in a young priest and together they discover passion.

October 4

Venezuela postales de Leninn.redimensionado.jpg

Postcards from Leningrad (2007)

Postales de Leningrado

Directed by Mariana Rondon

For the young narrator of Postcards from Leningrad,
being born into a socialist uprising in 1960s Venezuela wasn't easy.
She and her cousin Teo have learned how to live a clandestine life, making an ongoing game out of survival, with everything from code names and creative disguises to making themselves invisible and devising fantastic escape plans.

It is Venezuela's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film of the 80th Academy Awards

October 5

cuento chino.jpg

Chinese Take-Away (2011)


Directed by Sebastián Borensztein

In Buenos Aires, the bitter and methodic Roberto is a lonely man and the owner of a hardware store. Roberto collects bizarre worldwide news in an album as a hobby and his acquaintance Mari has an unrequited love for him, but Roberto is always evasive. One day, Roberto sees a Chinese named Jun being expelled from a taxi while he is watching the landing of airplanes in the airport and he helps the man to stand up. Jun does not speak Spanish and shows a tattoo with an address on his arm.

October 9



 This movie has been canceled

Esta pelicula ha sido cancelada

We regret the inconvenience 

Disculpe por el inconveniente

October 11



Chico & Rita (2010)

Directed by: Tono Errando, Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba

Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey - in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero - brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.

October 12



Embargo (2010)
Directed by Antonio Ferreira

Inspired by the Nobel Prize winner Saramago, Embargo tells the story of Nuno, a
man who works in a sandwich stand, but who is also the man who

invented a machine which promises to revolutionize the shoe industry.

In a time of a petrol embargo, Nuno finds himself in a sinister
Blinded by the promise of success and his obsession with achieving his goals in

life, he tries desperately to sell his machine.

He is mysteriously trapped in his own car and misses the once in a lifetime
opportunity to finally present this invention to the world and his

life is suddenly embargoed…

Embargo closes the same kind of dark comedy you can find in the Cohen
brother’s films. The type of subtle yet powerful humour that will
reach out to everyone.
The film is based on a short story with the same title by the winner of the Nobel

Prize in literature – José Saramago - the author of Blimunda and
António Ferreira has created a Portuguese film that is warm, comical and so
comfortably peculiar.

October 16

el salvador.redimensionado.jpg


One, the Story of a Goal (2010)

"Uno, la historia de un gol"

Directed  by Gerardo Muyshondt and Carlos Moreno

In the early 1980s, at the beginning of what would become a 12-year-long civil
war, El Salvador's talented football team was one national
institution upon which both the left and the right could agree. When
the team pulled off a stunning 1-0 upset against Mexico and qualified
to compete in the 1982 World Cup, it was a high point for the tiny
country's national pride. Unfortunately, the team's Cinderella story
devolved into a nightmarish farce. A corrupt national soccer
federation robbed players of their pay and equipment. The team's
opening match resulted in a 10-1 loss, still the worst defeat in
World Cup history. And yet, Salvadoran players and fans still find
much to be proud of in this David-and-Goliath sports story, one of
endurance amid adversity.

October 18



The Fantastic World of Juan Orol (2012)

"El fantastico Mundo de Juan Orol"

Directed by Sebastián del Amo

A biographical film about an icon in Mexican Film history. It’s the

story of a man born in Galicia that after many un fortunate events
came to Mexico where he involuntarily became the creator of several
film genres such as gangsters, rumberas and hippies, becoming a box
office hit, however he was gruesomely criticized by the
cinematographic organizations in Mexico.
was known as the Involuntary Surrealist

October 19



Undertow (2011)

Directed by Javier Fuentes-León

In this unique ghost story set on the Peruvian seaside, a married fisherman struggles to reconcile his devotion to his male lover within his town's rigid traditions. Miguel (Cristian Mercado), a handsome young fisherman, and his beautiful bride, Mariela (Tatiana Astengo), are about to welcome their first child. But Miguel harbors a scandalous secret. He's in love with Santiago (Manolo Cardona), a painter, who is ostracized by the town because he’s gay. After a tragic accident occurs, Miguel must choose between sentencing Santiago to eternal torment or doing right by him and, in turn, revealing their relationship to Mariela—and the entire village.

October 23



The Freedom (2011)

"O Liberdade"

Directed by Cíntia Langie and Rafael Andreazza

In Pelotas, in the South part of Brazil, there’s a bar/restaurant called Liberdade:an extremely simple place where a band, named Avendano Jr. e o Regional, has been dedicated to playing chorinho music for almost 40 years.
The Liberdade tells the story of this place through the testimonials of the people who represent its soul a bar where the passion for music is the bond that ties regular customers and extraordinary musicians. With special appearances of renowned musicians Vitor Ramil and Yamandu Costa, the movie presents some of the last guardians of chorinho music, the talent of the composer and cavaquinho player, Avendano Jr., and his relationship with the work of Waldir Azevedo, the composer of Brasileirinho.

October 25


Loves and Beans (2011)

Directed by Mathew Kodath & Hernan Pereira

Only the fifth feature
film ever made in the history of Honduras, LOVE AND BEANS is a
charming comedy about a woman who is convinced that her husband is
cheating on her. To catch him in the act, she enlists the help of a
friend who follows him around. In addition to its examination of
contemporary sexual politics and the dangers of jealousy, LOVE AND
BEANS reveals the many natural wonders of the landscape of Honduras,
where much of the dramatic and comedic action is situated.

October 26

republica dominicana.redimensionado.jpg


Anna´s Struggle (2012)

  "La lucha de Ana"
Directed by Bladimir Abud

"Anna’s Struggle" describes the world of Anna, a woman who sells flowers at the local market. Her only hope and joy in her life is her only son Amaurys. His best friend, Raul, involves him in a drug deal that leads to Amaurys being murdered by Esteban, a rich boy who is the son of a very important business and political man. Anna, knowing the identity of the killer, will have to face the corrupted system to receive justice.

October 30


Holly Cow (2011)
    "La Vaca "
Directed by Mendel Samayoa

The death of a famous
American archaeologist, Albert Frederick Thomas Jackson, in his
adopted home town of San Pedro El Bajo in Guatemala, triggers a
bizarre chain of events. For a start, not one but two wives suddenly
materialise (an American called Betty Hooter and Soledad, a
Guatemalan) with competing claims on the substantial estate left by
‘Mr. Thomas’. Things take a stranger turn still when the will
seems more concerned with the future of a cow (named Tracy) than the welfare  of the wives.  An achingly funny screwball comedy from way leftfield, satirising the cultural schism between urban and rural Guatemala, as well as the even greater gap between reality and the word.

"made possible by the generosity of Santander Universities Global Division"

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