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October 4


TAMALE ROAD Writer Marcos Villlatoro is a Pocho. Definition: a piece of rotting fruit; and a halfbreed Latino who knows nothing about his roots. Marcos means to change that: he travels to his other country of El Salvador to search for his roots: his murdered grandfather, his insane grandmother, and the massacre that his mother survived.

October 8


La Vaca -Mendel Samayoa

"A simple misunderstanding triggers the funniest scenario imaginable around the town cow. An inheritance hangs on the balance as two ladies must grant their beloved's last wish: Get the cow pregnant. Without the slightest clue as to how to get the task done, the two women decide to ""take the cow by the horns"" and prepare the bovine for the bull that someone has offered to effect the act. Apparently everything goes according to plan as the two women manage to get the town cow in the same room with a 3 ton bull. All the effort has been in vain, however, as the town lawyer and best friend of the deceased makes a surprising revelation."

October 9


Cenizas Eternas

" This film centers on a married couple about to take a trip by river to the great Amazon rainforest in southern Venezuela. In spite of warnings given her, Ana sets off with her husband in a small canoe. After beginning the journey down the Casiquiare River, a tributary of the Orinoco, a thunder storm causes the canoe to capsize. Now alone, Ana desperately goes into the jungle looking for help. Days later, she makes contact with Yanomami Indians who take her into the jungle. Ana remains there for many years, leading a life like that of the rest of the tribe. Sometime later, Elena, Ana’s daughter, feels the call to go in search of her mother whom she presumes to be still alive because her body was never found. Elena faces many setbacks she eventually surmounts, allowing her to jump into the adventure of finding her mother

October 10




119 min - Biography | Drama

Director: Vicente Alves do Ó

Writer: Vicente Alves do Ó

Starring: Dalila Carmo, Ivo Canelas, Albano Jerónimo

(Portuguese with English subtitles

"Portugal, 1927. Florbela Espanca, a woman ahead of her time and a famous poet, throws herself into a third marriage after two failed experiences. She believes that to please the new tender man in her life, she has to act as a traditional housewife. She stops writing but soon feels restless and frustrated. When her brother, Apeles calls her to Lisbon, she runs away from her too quiet and provincial home to join him. Together they throw themselves into the bohemian side of the capital: alcohol, political riots, open air balls and their strong mutual attraction. Florbela finds herself torn between two forces: the love of her husband and the turmoil brought by Apeles.

October 15

October 16


El Sueno de Lu

"Después de un intento de suicidio, Lucia tendrá que darle un nuevo significado a su vida para poder seguir adelante. Al enfrentar el duelo por la pérdida de su hijo encontrará nuevos vínculos y pequeños milagros; un encuentro y un viaje inesperado abrirán el espacio para comprender que puede permanecer en la vida y descubrirá que la eternidad se contiene en un instante.

The Dream of Lu

After an attempted suicide, Lucia reassesses her life in order to move on. Facing the grief over the loss of her son, she discovers new bonds of friendship and small miracles. An encounter and an unexpected journey will help her find her place in life and understand that eternity is contained in an instant. "

October 17


Tres Deseos

Pablo and Victoria live in Buenos Aires and travel to Colonia to spend a weekend an to celebrate she is turning 40. They have been married for eight years, and this is the first weekend they have been alone since their daughter was born, and throughout it they will realize their relationship is almost over. On the first afternoon they take a stroll along the beach and after a strong argument, Pablo continues on his own along the shore. In a moment he stops to have a look at a group of people observing a fishermen’s boat. He feels attracted to a woman, a little younger than him, and on approaching her he recognizes Ana, a woman he abandoned twelve years ago.

October 22


Malu de Bicicleta (2009)

Direção: Flávio Tambellini

Elenco: Fernanda Freitas, Marcello Serrado, Marjorie Estiano

Luiz Mario é um empresário da noite paulistana, bon vivant e mulherengo que coleciona casos amorosos. Até ser atropelado de bicicleta pela carioca Malu, na orla do Rio de Janeiro. O casal vive um romance perfeito, que é abalado com a descoberta de uma enigmática carta de amor. Baseado no livro de Marcelo Rubens Paiva. Com Marcelo Serrado, Fernanda de Freitas, Marjorie Estiano, Otávio Martins, Daniela Galli, Maria Manoella, Thelmo Fernandes, Dani Suzuki e Marcos Cesana.

Malu de Bicicleta (2009)

Director: Flávio Tambellini

Cast: Fernanda Freitas, Marcello Serrado, Marjorie Estiano

Based on the novel by Marcelo Rubens Paiva, the film tells the story of Luiz Mario, a São Paulo night-club impresario and a classic "bon vivant", who is also an avid collector of love affairs. He is surrounded by all types of women, with whom he has flings, but he is never able to commit himself emotionally. Until one day, while passing by Rio de Janeiro, he falls head-over-heels for the carioca Malu, who practically runs him over on her bike while riding down Leblon's beach bike path. The couple's romance is abruptly thrown into disarray when an enigmatic love letter is discovered. From then on, the story between the two lovers is turned upside-down.

October 23


October 24


October 29



Is a feature animated in 2D with a duration of 90 minutes made ​​in Spain and directed by Ignacio Ferreras. It is based on the cartoon Wrinkles of Paco Roca . The story is set in a retirement home and revolves around the friendship between two elderly men, one of them in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

October 31



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